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I'm Sorry How You Know

For the mama whose heart has ached on the closed-out side of an operating room door, I'm sorry how you know. The kiss of that precious little cheek - soft and blue that tells you it's time to break a heart wide open. I'm sorry how you know. When your strength is down to one last thread and you cling to any fiber of hope waiting for hours with stirred-up guts and clenched-up fists, I'm sorry how you know.

But did you also know on the other side of that operating door was a healer whose love is bigger than heaven and earth? Did you realize when you opened the hands that held onto the thread - fingernail printed skin - that He had you all the while?

I'm sorry how you know, but I'm thankful He knows you.

Thank you, God, that you will never let us go. You are the maker of heaven and earth. You know every fiber - every hair on our head, and you call us by name. Thank you, Lord, that you love us like no other. Thank you that there is no mountain you cannot move and no waves you cannot calm. You control the seas. Thank you for healing our broken hearts, for mending them up, and making them whole. I pray we always remember that with your life laid down, you conquered the grave. Let us always remember your love. Let us always remember you know us like no other. I pray in Jesus' name, Amen

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