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I am fearfully and wonderfully made, (Psalm 139:14) but often forget.

I am a Mom of two incredible daughters, but still a child of God. (1 John 3)

I sometimes find it hard to stand, but under His wings I find refuge. (Romans 5:8)

I am not perfect but by the grace of God, I am what I am.  (Psalm 91)

I get scared, but the Lord is on my side. (Psalm 118:6)

I am undeserving, but I am saved. (John 3:16)


Author | Radio Host | Speaker

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Jenny Muscatell is a licensed social worker, radio host for Christian Mix 106 and Canyon Star TV, and the author of The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart.


With over two decades of experience in the social services field, Jenny has established an extensive reservoir of expertise specializing in crisis intervention, health systems, and end-of-life care.


After losing her husband to a heart attack at the age of 38, and raising a child who has undergone eight major open-heart surgeries, Jenny decided to share her testimony to live out the truth taught in Revelation 12:11 - “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony.”


Through faith-filled presentations, heartfelt written words, and a variety of outreach projects, Jenny shares her faith and experiences globally encouraging others to stand in perseverance and cling to hope. Her mission is to show others the love of God, to give voice to the vulnerable, bring hope to the hurting, and to make way for the unspoken to be told.

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