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Truly Broken - Truly Saved

You Lord, Truly know what it means to be broken. You came to do good, standing ground for each one of us - against hateful people and demonic forces. You were attacked by critical tongues and skeptical hearts. You came to change the world forever, yet it fought you every step of the way. You had friends, though even some of those betrayed you. Your blood stained sweat crept through pores, leaking out from the mountain of burdens placed on your shoulders... yet you never gave up. It would have been against every fiber of your being to do anything or be anything that wasn't good, because you, Lord, are good. You healed the masses, yet gratitude ran shallow. You corrected the wrongs with wisdom and truth, but it wasn't welcomed. You were pierced with hate while every swing of the hammer dragged nails deeper through your flesh, yet you loved us anyway. You died, yet conquered the grave so that we can be with you forever, if we choose. Lord, may we never forget your love and sacrifice.

I pray in Jesus' name,


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