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Matthew 11:28 NIV Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Lord, Thank you that we can come to you each day, all day, with our heavy hearts and tired minds. Thank you that when we come to you, you wrap us in your blanket of comfort, where you let us cry vulnerably, allowing us to be real and true. Lord, it's hard for my mind to fully understand, but it's clear to my heart just how much you love us. Thank you for bringing your LIFE into our death-filled bodies so that we can overcome - so we can crawl out from under the weight that presses down hard, so we can peel off years of decay and damage caused by a world gone astray, so we can stand strong in victory - made new because of you. Thank you for reminding us that with you, death cannot conquer. You, God, are our hope. You are our love. You are the reason we breathe. Keep our eyes forever searching for more of you.

In Jesus' sweet name,


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