On the Air with Tom Obey

April 8, 2020 & April 15, 2020 on air with Tom Obey as we talk about the Journey of Faith and an Open Heart on WHCF FM Radio 88.5

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Coffee with Kim on Up2Me Radio

Most people we meet have hard stories to tell. The stories that give us hope and help us persevere the best as the ones where God’s grace shines bright in the darkness. And this is the kind of story next week’s guest in “COFFEE with Kim” has to tell. Jenny Muscatell, widowed at 36, is mom to a daughter with a congenital heart disease that has required 8 major open-heart surgeries. Author of “The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart,” Jenny is sure to inspire us as she points to the evidence of God’s very personal power in our darkest days.

On Air with Michael Liben

"Bereaved But Still Me" is a podcast for the bereaved community that was formerly known as "Heart to Heart with Michael."  "Heart to Heart with Michael," was nominated for a 2020 WEGO Health Award. "Heart to Heart with Michael" was a finalist in the Health Podcast category. "Bereaved But Still Me" is a product of the Hearts Unite the Globe Network of Podcasts. Our Host is Michael Liben, our Producer is Nancy Taylor Jensen, and our Executive Producer is Anna Jaworski.

On Air with Nicole Groenewald

Join Jenny in an interview with Nicole Card Groenewald on her podcast: Chasing Joy 100 ways

Heart to Heart with Anna

What lessons can we learn from our adult Heart Warriors? Why might a Heart Mom write a book about her life experiences dealing with CHD? How does a Heart Mom take her personal experiences to fight for others in the hospital? Through faith-filled presentations, heartfelt written words, and photography, Jenny’s mission is to give voice to the vulnerable, hope to the hurting, and to make way for the unspoken to be told.

Visit Faith's Website

Faith is the former USA National Miss Maine 2020 and the current USA National Miss Pine Tree State 2021. She is a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association and sits on the board with conquering CHD-Ma and the Children's Heart Foundation. Having survived 8 major open-heart surgeries, she has become a fierce advocate for the CHD Community. To assist children who are facing extended stays in the hospital, she created the program Tablet Talk. Visit her website today to learn more.